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pasta, tomatoes, legumes, oil & vinegar, pasta sauces, pesto sauces, starters, rice & risottos
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you can be sure of making every product unique while respecting the environment.

With our 100% recyclable packaging

Choose among the different formats (retail & catering) and different packaging materials like: cellophane, carton/cardboard, glass, tin
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Our graphic team will assist you with the creation of your brand with a captivating and eye-catching packaging, which will help your business grow, while respecting the norms and regulations of your country.
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EXW (pick up by the customer at our warehouse), FOB (pick up by the customer at the port of departure), CIF (shipping from Corex to a destination port, chosen by the customer), DAP/DDP (shipping from Corex to the client’s warehouse/other point chosen by the client)
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About Us
FMG food processing and packaging plant was established in 2001 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Due to its multi technologies production and packaging lines, FMG is the most versatile and adaptable manufacturing facility In the Middle East. FMG produces quality food products in a variety of forms and packaging types, including liquid, paste, and dry mixes in glass, plastic bottles, and cans. With modern, innovative manufacturing processes, a world-renowned specialty packaging materials f, expertly trained and highly qualified personnel, and stringent quality and inspection standards, we are one of the world’s most versatile and flexible processing and packaging manufacturers. FMG has a reliable history of delivering the highest quality, and service to marketers of dry and wet food consumer and food service brands. We consistently meet Saudi Food & Drug Agency, Gulf Cooperation Council Standards Organization, and CODEX standards in our production and quality processes. Our goods are produced to the highest standards earning us top ratings in quality, hygiene, and production processes.


Located in the heart of Jeddah’s manufacturing hub: The Industrial Area 1 – Phase 5,
3,706 square metres

The production area

1,403 square meters

Administration and office

3,308 square metres

Storage and warehouse

368 square meters

Loading and unloading area

436 square meters

The ancillary buildings

436 square meters

The ancillary buildings


With a floor area of 3,500 square meters of air-conditioned and dehumidified space over three floors, FMG’s factory is designed and built specifically for the manufacture of food products. High standards of floor and wall finishes, and a focus on Good Manufacturing Practice, ensure that hygienic conditions are maintained at all times. The preparation, mixing and packaging areas are air-conditioned providing the climate suitable for the products being processed. For dry products the area is also dehumidified to ensure desired product quality.

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