With a vision toward circularity, we help our clients establish, manufacture, and promote innovative products. We print items using personalized printing to express exactly what our clients’ brands stand for and what they want to express, resulting in ongoing exposure at a low cost for our clients. In addition, we assist our clients in attracting customers and developing brand reputation by conveying what their brands stand for and what they want them to say. We use an efficient Administrative and Quality Control system to ensure the safety of our goods. We keep track of the production and delivery of your goods and provide customer care to ensure that they are delivered to you safely.

Select your product

Your satisfaction starts from the choice of the perfect product:

You can choose from the following lines:

  •  pasta
  •  tomatoes
  •  legumes
  •  oil & vinegar
  •  pasta sauces
  •  pesto sauces
  •  starters
  •  rice & risottos

Select your packaging

With our 100% recyclable packaging, you can be sure of making every product unique while respecting the environment.

Choose among the different formats (retail & catering) and different packaging materials like:

  •  cellophane
  •  carton/cardboard
  •  glass
  •   tin

Design your label

Your brand, your product.

Our graphic team will assist you with the creation of your brand with a captivating and eye-catching packaging, which will help your business grow, while respecting the norms and regulations of your country.

Choose your transport conditions

Your product is ready for shipping.

You can choose among the following shipping methods:
  •  EXW (pick up by the customer at our warehouse)
  •  FOB (pick up by the customer at the port of departure)
  •  CIF (shipping from Corex to a destination port, chosen by the customer)
  •  DAP/DDP (shipping from Corex to the client’s warehouse/other point chosen by the client)

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