FMG has spacious off-loading facilities including unloading ramps for the rapid handling of materials from vehicles and containers into modern warehouse. The warehouse is a high rise, fully racked facility using a computerized control system to manage inventory. Materials are handled on a First-In First-Out basis. Additionally, adequate chilled and frozen facilities are available on site for the storage of sensitive raw materials.
The distribution and safe handling of finished products is the final important step of FMG's business. Strategically located in Jeddah on the Red Sea, with easy highway access to the deep-sea port, the plant is ideally located for the export of finished products. Add the advantage of the newly opened Duty Free Bonded Warehouse Zone and FMG is the ideal supply base for the manufacture of consumer products, not only for the Arab world and Middle East Area, but also for export to the rapidly opening global markets. Depending on consumer's needs FMG can send palletized finished goods directly to customers distribution centers via trucks or on containers for export.